Welcome to our new Home-Schooling Website

The Settlers of the Nene Valley Project has, for the last two and a half years, been exploring the lives of the Neolithic, Bronze & Iron Age, Roman, Saxon and Medieval people who settled on the Stanwick Lakes site over the past 5,000 years and we have been sharing this with our local communities.

Why have we created this website?

Until March this year, the project team has been arranging events and open days for everyone to explore, re-create and celebrate the lives of these Settlers as they travelled, settled and traded along the Nene Valley.

Activities with our visitors have been postponed for the moment but, as soon as it is feasible, new events will be arranged and details will be posted on our Facebook page and our new Settlers website (currently under construction).

In the meantime, we thought we would create this "Lockdown" website to share with you the Workbooks and Craft videos that have been prepared by our staff and volunteers and are available free to download. They include many of the successful activities that have been enjoyed by "young settlers" at local primary schools and we thought they might be helpful and fun to be included in Home-schooling activities and learning.

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Bronze and Iron Ages


Anglo-Saxon & the Vikings


Wildlife and Heritage Trail

Craft Videos
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Georgina is one of the Settlers project amazing volunteers who creates and organises many of our craft workshops.
When she is not volunteering for the project, she runs her own very successful crafting channel - GeorgeCrafts.co.uk
A place to learn, share inspiration and have a lot of fun.
She has kindly given us permission to use one of her videos to show you how to create your own paper beads jewellery.

Paper Beads